Coaches Game Plans

DYNAMIC Practice Plan - Break the Practice into 3 segments:

15 min. - Off court welcome/hanging out, chalk talk about practice/game, warm-up, Captain-led Prayer

60 min. - On court skills training, drills, offense, defense, small-sided half court games, scrimmages

15 min. - Off court post-practice recap, Leadership discussion, strategy for upcoming game

Leadership Discussion Topics for practices

What does it mean to lead as a Captain?

How do we impact, influence, and inspire our friends?

When does it take extreme courage to be a leader?

Who are the leaders who have impacted your life the most and why (and how will you impact others in a similar way?)

What is your biggest challenge, struggle, or road block as a leader with your friends/team?

What have you read lately that has inspired you to lead?

Who holds you accountable to be the best leader you can be - have you given them permission to ask you the toughest questions?

How do faith, leadership, and God-given talent go together?

What makes you want to put in the extra time, sweat, sacrifice, and energy to become a great player on and off the basketball court?

2) Responsibilities for Leaders to become Captains

Ask the question: "What do great team leaders do that average leaders/teammates are NOT willing to do?"

Examples: Serve their teammates even when it is hard or costly, Invest the extra time to know their plays and the responsibilities of every player on the team for every play, Be aware of teammates going through hard situations off the court/field and be available to listen first and help second, Lead the team in prayer, while also being a great example with your actions on and off the court/field even when it is hard. Holding teammates accountable to play defense as you lead with great defense effort. Talk to the team in inspiring ways during halftime, timeouts, and after the game.

3) Sacrifice

Ask the question and allow each player to answer who is willing: "What is the greatest sacrifice someone has ever made for you and tell us how/why they did it?"

The coach is limited to only a 1-2 min. max story of when someone sacrificed for you. The emphasis is on the players sharing their experiences. Coaches can bring the discussion around to the sacrifice Jesus made for us AFTER everyone has had the chance to share their personal story.

DYNAMIC Practice Plan - Design 4 very purposeful segments of your on-court practice time

Keys to every Practice: *Get to know teammates better and have FUN competing at everything you do.

*Time working on handling the ball under pressure to develop skills (ball-handling/passing).

*Triple-threat practice from perimeter (Catch, square up, prepare to pass to a cutter first, prepare to drive if lane is open second, or prepare to shoot third after surveying the defense.)

*Fast break finishing against defender(s) - 3vs1 or 3vs2 or 4vs2

*Man-to-man defense principles in a 3vs3 half-court mini-game

*Zone defense principles and responsibilities/movements within the zone defense

*In-bound play/passing options and how to defend inbounds plays

*Key offense concepts (pass and cut to basket, backdoor cuts against pressure, pass and pick away, post ups and kick outs, high pick and roll ball screen, wing screen 3-man game, drive and score or kick outs.)

*Key defensive concepts (Be quicker, lower, and more physical that the man you are guarding. Force the player to their weak hand. Force the player with ball to the strength of the defense. See the ball, feel your man and always be ready to help. Stay goal side of your man and protect the lane (force them to score over the defense with longer shots). Talk on defense! Rebound with 5 guys. Outlet quick and wide after all rebounds.

*Plan fun into practices! Competitive shooting games for prizes. Beat the coach games. Last sec. countdown plays.

Warm-up Drills

Ball Handling drills - Every player with a ball working every kind of handle (cross overs, between legs, behind back, forward and back, change of speeds, change of angles, game-situation attack the basket type of ball handling.

4 Corners Pass and Follow Your Pass drills - Players in front of each line have a ball. Take a quick dribble out to your right (one dribble can be between the legs or behind the back) and then fire a pass to the next guy in line over to the corner to your right - then follow your pass to the back of that line. Next guy catches, triple threat, attack dribble or two and then pass to the corner to his right and follow pass.

Pass, Pass Lay-up / Pass, Pass Jump Shot - Players in 2 lay-up lines near mid-court – Pass ball to the rebounding line and get a pass back on the way in for full speed lay-up. Rebounder rebounds and switch lines. Repeat with jump shots.

Competitive Shooting Drills

*2 line cut, catch & score - 2 lines under basket. Pop up to free throw line and cut back to the basket. Player in other line passes cutter the ball for a layup. Keep track of consecutive made layups, starts over with each miss.

*Catch, Triple threat, 3 point fake shot, drive, pull-up jump shot - 3 separate lines starting at 3 point line, rebounder passes out for a catch, square up, triple threat, and shot fake at 3 point line. Drive, 2-3 dribbles, and pull up for jump shot at approx. 10 feet from goal. Keep track of made shots.

*Inbound to corner cutter, catch-fake, baseline pull-up jumper - 2 lines starting on each side of half court in wing area. - 2 lines under basket starting with ball. Pass from underneath and a cutter coming from wing toward corner. Catch, square up, fake 3 pointer from corner, drive baseline for layup or pull-up for short corner jump shot.

Rebound and Outlet Drills

*Rebound - Outlet - Run - Players start in two groups of 3 at top of the key. Coach shoots and all 6 players go for the rebound. Whichever team gets rebound must outlet to one of their players and advance the ball to halfcourt. Non-rebounding team is defending against outlet pass and pressing to not allow them to advance to halfcourt.

*Offensive Rebound and Power Back up - 1 person shooting free throw and 6 other players set up in FT lane at the blocks like a regular FT. Each FT is a one-and-one. Whoever gets rebound on miss FT - take it back up strong without a dribble (or very limited dribble) to try to score. Keep rebounding and taking it up till someone scores. Whoever scores takes next FT.

Scrimmage Options

*Scrimmage 3vs4 or 3vs5 half-court vs man-to-man pressure defense with extra double teams on the ball. Team with less players always starts with the ball. Emphasize pressure defense, passes out of pressure, cuts, and finishing strong at rim under pressure. If defense gets steal or rebound they take it back past 3 point line and then play offense.

*Scrimmage vs Zone - Emphasize spacing, passing, and cuts against zone defense. Emphasis drives into the lane to score or get assists after passes on perimeter have moved zone enough to create creases to drive into. No shooting on perimeter until someone on offense has driven the ball into the lane or a pass has come into the post in the lane area for a scoring opportunity or a kickout pass to an open shooter.

*Scrimmage full-court - Scrimmage with emphasis on getting assists by great passes to teammates. Best/Most assists wins prize.

FINISH with off-court practice recap, upcoming game strategy, Leadership talk, and Captain-led Prayer.

DYNAMIC Basketball Core Values

We value people and each family’s experience as part of our DYNAMIC Team.

We value the Christian principles that guide our DYNAMIC Basketball culture on & off the court.

We value healthy relationships between players, parents, coaches, and referees.

We value competitive basketball as a tool to develop leadership skills, confidence, athleticism, faith, and mental toughness.