PRIMETIME Vision & Values

DYNAMIC PrimeTime 55+ is your life-changing leadership community

PrimeTime Core Values:

We invest in real relationships

because we know the life-giving value of family, friendships, outreach, and mentoring.

We value God's Word

because we want to live the truth.

We honor Veterans who served our country

because we are grateful for freedom and appreciate sacrifice.

We serve in our city as leaders

because we love the people God loves.

We grow as leaders

because we want to inspire, impact, and influence the people we love.

Our PrimeTime Community will:

Grow together

(Veterans Leadership Lunch, Couples Date Nights, Game-Watch Parties, Service Projects, Fitness/Sports, Local Trips, Bible Studies, SuperTrips, etc....

Serve together

(1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month we have opportunities to serve together in our community and/or in our city)

We also believe in random acts of kindness. Serve and love people right where you are!

Travel together

LOCAL = Trips together to awesome places around the Southeast USA including sporting events, conferences, and cool destinations.

NATIONAL = Trips together to the US Military Academies (West Point/NYC, Naval Academy/Wash DC, Air Force/Colorado Springs, VMI/Richmond, and/or Citadel/Charleston).

INTERNATIONAL = SuperTrips together with leadership and/or outreach purpose (Mission trips to: Caribbean, Africa, Central America. etc..) Leadership Trips to: Normandy, France, Okinawa & Iwo Jima, Philippines, and other historical leadership destinations)

*Contact Mike Stricker for details, locations, and/or to reserve a spot in our next DYNAMIC PrimeTime 55+ Event: [email protected] - 704-737-7631

Are you ready for the best season of your life?