3 Great Options to Invest in DYNAMIC

Invest as a Volunteer, Coach, Intern, or Staff Leader:

DYNAMIC builds teams of leaders who lead teams to accomplish the work of this effective outreach ministry.

Use your gifts, passion, experience, talents, time, and faith to impact, inspire, and influence as a leader with DYNAMIC.

Invest as a Financial Partner:

Partner with us as a game-changing investor (you can designate your donation):

1) Outreach - Invest in daily, local outreach work with at-risk youth through our DYNAMIC Staff, College/HS Interns, and Outreach Mentors.

2) College Scholarships for leaders - Invest in DYNAMIC's Leadership College Scholarships (we've given at least 2 scholarships each year for the past 10 years).

3) Leadership U. & PrimeTime 55+ Expansion - Invest in the growth of our life-changing, year-round, leadership development programs called Leadership University and PrimeTime 55+.

4) Staff - Missionary Support - Invest in the staff who are on the front lines serving every day

Choose the amount you are able to invest in the DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund:

TEAM Partners - Invest $33/month or any amount that the Lord lays on your heart to give.

OUTREACH Partners - Invest $100/month or at least $1000/year as we go on the front lines together to reach at-risk families.

GAME-CHANGER Partners - Invest at least $150/month or $2000/year to lead the way as we work together to develop leaders.

LEGACY Partners - Invest $10,000 or more to affect an entire generation of at-risk youth, student-athletes, and leaders through DYNAMIC.

*DYNAMIC has been reaching, serving, coaching, resourcing, mentoring, and equipping leaders in the Carolinas since 2003, and we are just getting started thanks to generous partners like you, who invest in outreach on the front lines.

Invest with us a Sponsor

DYNAMIC Sponsorship is a win/win proposition for your business and for the “at-risk” youth that DYNAMIC impacts every day.


$15,000/year Franchise Title Sponsors on DYNAMIC’s 3 biggest Event(s) of the year: Greater Charlotte Football Awards & Scholarship Banquet (Dec.) & DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament (May) & DYNAMIC Summer Camps (June/July). Franchise Sponsors are also highlighted on all DYNAMIC Newsletters and Websites.


$7,000/year Stadium Sponsors are Title Sponsors on one of DYNAMIC’s biggest Events of the year. Stadium Sponsors have a web link on our website and are featured in at least 2 of our quarterly Newsletters.


$500/year Player Sponsors enable “at-risk” student-athlete(s) to participate in DYNAMIC outreach events, leagues & camps at a greatly reduced price to equip them for life on & off the field.


$1500/year Uniform Sponsors are major sponsors on a DYNAMIC big Event and can have their logo on DYNAMIC Team Jerseys in the sport of your choice. Uniform Sponsors receive a plaque to hang at their business and have a web link on our website. We feature you in 1 of our quarterly Newsletters and can list you on our Camp Sponsors page.


$750/year Sponsor an “at-risk” student in our Leadership University for an entire year. Leadership Training with DYNAMIC Mentors changes lives. Leadership U. Sponsors can be thanked in many ways publicly or remain anonymous.


Sponsorship checks are made to: DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund 9935 Rea Rd. #D-105 Charlotte, NC 28277 or can be done online through Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. Business Sponsorships are rarely tax-deductible (because of goods & services provided), while 100% of donations to DYNAMIC are tax-deductible.

You can join the DYNAMIC TEAM on the front lines as a Partner with us. Do you want to coach/mentor? Do you love to serve in outreach events/trips? Can you invest resources in the outreach to reach and equip at-risk student-athletes in our city? We can help you find the best place to plug-in today.

Contact us to:

^ Donate toward a Leadership College Scholarship through DYNAMIC (tax-deductible) and you can have the scholarship named in honor of your family or company (or remain anonymous).

^ Invest in outreach on the front lines through a donation or stock transfer to DYNAMIC (tax-deductible and you avoid paying capital gains taxes) to impact at-risk families all year long in our city.

^ Host an event that can reach at-risk student-athletes / families or help us raise resources to reach families.

^ Provide resources from your business that will help us reach students/families (If your business has access to anything that can help in the mission then let’s partner to get those resources on to the front lines.

[email protected] or 704-737-7631 to contact Mike Stricker, President – DYNAMIC