DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach organization

Become a PARTNER with DYNAMIC today!

You can designate your donation:

1) Outreach - Invest in local outreach work with at-risk youth through our DYNAMIC Staff, College/HS Interns, and Outreach Mentors.

2) College Scholarships for leaders - Invest in Leadership College Scholarships (since 2002 DYNAMIC has awarded at least 2 college scholarships every year for deserving leaders serving while in college).

3) Leadership U. & PrimeTime 55+ Expansion - Invest in the growth of our life-changing, year-round, leadership development programs called Leadership University and PrimeTime 55+.

4) Staff - Missionary Support - Invest in the staff and interns who are on the front lines serving every day

Choose the amount you are able to invest with DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund for:

TEAM Partners - Invest $33/month or any amount that the Lord lays on your heart to give.

OUTREACH Partners - Invest $100/month or at least $1000/year as we go on the front lines together to reach at-risk youth.

GAME-CHANGER Partners - Invest at least $150/month or $2000/year to lead the way as we work together to develop leaders.

LEGACY Partners - Invest $10,000 or more to affect an entire generation of at-risk youth, student-athletes, and leaders through DYNAMIC.

DYNAMIC has been reaching, serving, coaching, resourcing, mentoring, and equipping leaders in the Carolinas since 2003, and we are just getting started thanks to generous partners like you, who invest in outreach on the front lines.


*Donate tax-deductible by check to: DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund 9935 Rea Rd. #D-105 Charlotte, NC 28277

*Donate tax-deductible through Zelle: (704-737-7631) OR Venmo: (Michael-Stricker-4) OR register online to give through credit card at the link below (but donations lose 3% in processing fees through online registration below):



Join the DYNAMIC TEAM ($33/month) to reach at-risk youth, student-athletes, and the next generation of leaders.


DYNAMIC's OUTREACH Partners ($100/month or at least $1000/year) are vital to reaching, mentoring, and equipping thousands of at-risk youth every year.


When you invest as a GAME-CHANGER ($150/month or at least $2000/year) with DYNAMIC you'll be impact players, families, teams, communities and even whole cities through DYNAMIC.


A DYNAMIC LEGACY Partner ($10,000 or more) is able to impact, inspire, and influence an entire generation of leaders as we reach at-risk youth on the front lines everyday.

SPONSORSHIPS are available to market your business strategically in the community while also impacting "at-risk" youth.

Contact Mike Stricker 704-737-7631 [email protected] for specific sponsorship details.

Do you want to make a life-changing IMPACT in the lives of at-risk families in your community?  Invest (tax-deductible) in DYNAMIC to partner with us on the front lines:

Checks to: DYNAMIC  9935 Rea Rd. D-105. Charlotte, NC 28277

Zelle to: 704-737-7631

Venmo to: Michael-Stricker-4

Cash App to: $StrickerDynamic

Donate Stock (Contact us, our Edward Jones accountant will work with you to transfer the stock to DYNAMIC, so that you get full donation value and you avoid capital gains taxes also).

Credit Card Donation (Contact us, we can process credit cards online just for you, there is a 3% charge on CC transactions.)