Since 2003, DYNAMIC has been blessed with so many incredible coaches, interns, staff, and faithful financial supporters who go on the front lines with us. We started a Hall of Fame to remember how God has provided in the past, while also inspiring our TEAM now (and the next generation) to see what is possible when we serve the Lord. We are grateful for our DYNAMIC Hall of Fame Inductees and everyone who serves and gives generously to reach, coach, and equip at-risk youth:


– Coach Zeidman has been impacting student-athletes on the DYNAMIC Staff faithfully since 2014. Coach “DZ” has been relentless, loyal, diligent, and passionate about excellence on and off the field for over 20 seasons. Coach DZ has influenced and inspired more players than we will ever be able to count. Thank you DZ! DYNAMIC is forever honored that you serve on the front lines with us and that is why we have renamed the 2022 Leadership Scholarship to be called the Zeidman Leadership College Scholarship.


– Coach James served faithfully as a DYNAMIC Outreach Basketball Coach & Mentor for over 10 seasons. Coach James (along with his family) have made a long-lasting impact in so many lives through DYNAMIC Teams. Calvin coaches for the glory of God and consistently developed his players into championship teams on & off the court. Thank you Coach James! DYNAMIC is grateful for the example you set in serving the Lord at Carmel and with DYNAMIC Outreach in the community.


– Coach Calamas served faithfully as a DYNAMIC Outreach Basketball Coach, DYNAMIC Board Member, and generous supporter of Leadership University for over 10 years. Pete and his wife, Lee served on the DYNAMIC Board to help shape and multiply DYNAMIC’s sports outreach and leadership ministry. Thank you Coach Calamas for serving the Lord alongside us.


– Sid Walker served the Lord faithfully in partnership with DYNAMIC to reach kids for Jesus for close to 10 years. Sid served as Coordinator at Marvin AME Zion Church and was a key partner as DYNAMIC developed a thriving sports outreach and leadership ministry in Union County. We appreciate Sid, we love Sid, and we honor Sid for his dedication and perseverance through every storm in life.


– DYNAMIC reaches thousands of at-risk students each year and is able to mentor leaders because of the generous support of a small number of families and business leaders who give sacrificially to resource DYNAMIC’s vision. Every gift, donation, and resource is important in the hands of God. We are so grateful and would love to list every donor, but these Hall of Fame Supporters choose to remain anonymous – because they are giving to God, through DYNAMIC, to reach hurting people that need the Lord. Thanks to each of you who give generously and depend on God to provide for you, so that you can keep giving more – to reach even more lost youth.

You can nominate someone for the DYNAMIC Hall of Fame, but as you can see it is a very high standard that is accomplished over a long period of time.