2020-2021 TopGun Team Rosters & Primary Practice Day/Time

*The TopGun Schedule (for Practices & Games) will always be accessible on your TeamSnap app. The only place the schedule is kept up to date is the TeamSnap app.

*Practices begin on Sat. Oct. 31. Games start week of Nov. 19-21 and run through January 2021.

*Practices run 70-90 min, based on coaches instructions.

*Please use TeamSnap app, email and/or text to your coach in advance if you will NOT be at practice or a game.

*Practices are NOT mandatory and will NOT affect your playing time. We understand that a family/school/church commitment can cause you to miss a practice. We appreciate your best effort to attend practices and games.

*During this covid season we are extra vigilant on safety and following protocols. We also have less access to gyms for practices early in the season, so each week we will be updating players on upcoming practice schedules - through the TeamSnap app.

*MZ Gym = Marvin Zion Church Gym (1525 Crane Rd. Marvin, NC)

*CovDay Gym = Covenant Day School Varsity Gym (200 Covenant Church Ln. Matthews, NC)

*Comenius Gym = Comenius HS Varsity Gym (8160 Regent Pkwy. Fort Mill, SC)

*UF Gym = United Faith HS Varsity Gym (8617 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC)

*We have also used additional gyms in Weddington, Indian Land and South Charlotte for many years.

2020-2021 TopGun Winter League Team Rosters & Primary Practice Day/Time

*Rosters are listed by team starting with younger division teams. HS Teams use NBA names.

*If you have registered, but don't see your name on a Team Roster (even after you have double-checked the list), please contact: Mike@DynamicPS.net

*Primary practices are the plan for the season. Coaches also have an option to set-up extra secondary practices in November before games get started.

SILVER Division (Pre-Middle School Div. - primarily 4th-5th grade)

Rutgers Scarlet Knights
- Primary Practice Mondays in Marvin with Coach Bregman, Coach Petersen

Lucas Bregman, Soren Knutson, Ty Lorenzo, Urijah Miller, Brady Sepanski, Jacob Wilt, Ben Wilt, Luke Xythalis, Garrett Young

Fresno State Bulldogs
- Primary Practice Wednesdays at CovDay Gym with Coach Fikkert, Coach Milligan

Caleb Coffey, Jacob Coffey, Silas Fikkert, Gunnar Fisher, Henry McClave, Holt McClave, Grace McHale, Grayson Milligan, Eli Spence

Seton Hall Pirates
- Primary Practice Thursdays in Marvin with Coach Lee, Coach Vassil, Coach Huffman

Copper Bednar, Cal Feeling, Dylan Glawe, Mason Hanham, Kaleb Johnson, Chase Knox, Hudson Schoeneberger, Colton Williams, Evan Vassil

Clemson Tigers
- Primary Practice Thursdays in Marvin with Coach Calamas, Coach Garrett, Coach Rice

Harrison Akers, Hines Akers, Tyler Pease, Ethan Rand, Jack Rice, Franco Simonelli, Tyler Surles, William Tantillo, Adam Torres

Oregon Ducks
- Primary Practice Mondays in South Charlotte with Coach Stricker, Coach Ball

Charlie Ball, James Ball, Garion Floyd, Luke Glawe, Nathan Linn, Ayden Mark, Nathan Petalino, Tyler Surles,

RED DIVISION (Middle School 1 Div. - primarily 6th/7th grade)

North Carolina Tarheels
- Primary Practice Wed. at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Miller and Coach Schoeneberger

Ryan Castano, Nolan Drye, Vince Miller, George Ormond, Tillman Schoeneberger, Caiden Thomas, Tucker Wingard, Ethan Williams

Army-West Point Golden Knights
- Primary Practice - Thursdays at Comenius Varsity Gym with Coach Webb, Coach Carroll

Matty Carroll, Jaxon Haynes, John Hucko, Griff McKain, Will Parrish, Hayden Talmage, Wit McCammon, Braxton Thompson, Eli Webb

Cornell Big Red
- Primary Practice Mondays at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Babcock, Coach O'Dell, Coach Walker

Tyler Babcock, Tino Delissio, Matthew Hall, Brady Murray, Matthew O'Dell, Nathan Petalino, William Reiland, Jack Thomas, Evan Walker

Texas Longhorns
- Primary Practice Tuesdays at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Wilson, Coach Robbins

Andrew Barber, Ford Fehling, Jake Robbins, Austin Robbins, Bryce Rozema, Alexander Sinanovic, Hampton Tolbert, Ryan Wilson

Ohio State Buckeyes
- Primary Practice Mondays at Weddington with Coach Blessing, Coach Stricker, Coach Hodes

Jake Batista, Tyler Blessing, Anthony Fuller, Cameron Hodes, Jack McFee, Cooper Meek, Will Mees, Palmer Russo, Charlie Stafford, Asher Suttle

South Carolina Gamecocks
- Primary Practice Wednesdays at CovDay Gym with Coach Eich, Coach deBuhr, Coach Gruendel

Grant Byrum, Gabe deBuhr, Stone Eich, Thomas Gaddy, Jack Gruendel, Bennett Jordan, Philip Ligon, Michael McHale

Davidson Wildcats
- Primary Practice Wednesdays at CovDay Gym with Coach Keefer, Coach Ward, Coach Fikkert

Jack Chapman, Zeb Engstrom, Colton Goldy, Noah Fikkert, Noah Haas, Ben Keefer, Zach Stuebbe, Levi Timberlake, Wes Ward

WHITE Division (Middle School 2 Div. - primarily 7th/8th grade)

Charlotte 49ers
- Primary Practice Thursdays in South Charlotte with Coach Prabhu

Ben Brookhouse, Luke Colwell, Austin Corbett, Seton Garcia, Harden Hyde, Brady Knutson, Nate Tenzer, Charlie Williams, James Yanz

Kentucky Wildcats
- Primary Practice Wednesdays in Marvin/Weddington with Coach Gargus and Coach Gross

Matthew Davis, Kenton Gargus, Michael Gross, Braden Houlihan, Charles Miller, Garrett Snyder, Blake Winnail, Alex Xythalis

Syracuse Orange
- Primary Practice Thursdays in Marvin/Weddington with Coach Keller and Coach Pelino

Luca Duleba, JT Etheridge, Brady Hornberger, Brody Keefe, Bishop Kha, Michael Keller, Quin Pelino, Jackson Sinacori, Kenny Smith

UCLA Bruins
- Primary Practice Wednesdays in Marvin/Weddington with Coach Raskin, Coach McEvoy, Coach Walker

Bennett Holder, Aaron Laird, Chase McEvoy, Chase Raskin, Ryan Speicher, Luke St. John, Evan Walker, Joe Walker

Michigan State
- Primary Practice Wednesdays at CovDay Gym with Coach Toth, Coach Shoup, Coach Milligan

Gavin Adams, Mads Haaber, Owen Green, Kyle Kroehler, Caleb Milligan, Octavio Nunes, Spencer Powell, Hudson Shoup, Haydn Toth

South Florida Bulls
- Primary Practice Wednesdays at CovDay Gym with Coach Gallimore, Coach Kern, Coach Berg

Jack Baade, Colin Berg, Preston Connaughton, Emerson Gallimore, Jack Greene, Mace Kern, Ford Phelan, Sam Koskinas, Lee Walker, BenDavid Wright

HS LEAGUE (Blue & Gold Divisions)

- Primary Practice Mondays in Marvin/Weddington with Coach Joines, Coach Burke

Luke Ball, Caden Bryant, Riley Burke, Garrett Dean, Jack Fahy, Will Joines, Diego Keller, Jaron Wenger, Caleb Voskuil

- Primary Practice Thursdays at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Prabhu, Coach Phelps, Coach Mumpower

Cole Dillard, Noah Eisman, Adam Holden, Diego Keller, Ben Mauth, Brock Mumpower, Drew Parker, Noah Jones, Duncan Smyth

- Primary Practice Tuesdays at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Duke, Coach Beddingfield, Coach Strick

Brady Beddingfield, Nathaniel Brady, Aneesh Duggirala, Kyle Haun, Aaron Rockwell, Luke Schmidt, Peyton Young, Isaiah Wegh

- Primary Practice Fridays in South Charlotte with Coach Wilkes

Noah Black, Evan Caldwell, Adam Clune, Michael Kranz, Grayson Peterson, Connor Shelton, Billy Wilkes, Bo Witherspoon

- Primary Practice Tuesdays at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Robitaille, Coach Nowak

Connor Budd, Drew Edwards, Matt McCleary, Cody Merrill, Michael Nowak, Anthony Piccirillo, Ethan Robitaille, Will Tessin

- Primary Practice Tuesdays in Marvin/Weddington with Coach RJ, Coach Boone, Coach Clanton

Lucas Atkins, Harrison Barnett, Will Boone, Tim Clanton, Connor Florence, O'Malley Luedtke, Cooper McLemore, Jackson Moore, Dominic Paterno

- Primary Practice Monday in Weddington with Coach Vaca

Christian Belus, Charlie Davidson, Aidan Early, Jonathan Fiddler, Max Greenburg, Brooks Johnson, Shaan Patel, Daniel Seibel, Marco Vaca

- Primary Practice Tuesdays in Marvin/Weddington with Coach Wren, Coach Delissio, Coach Crawford

Will Crawford, Will Celio, Cole Delissio, Josh Lorenzo, Alex Meeks, Frankie Papaleo, Connor Touranjoe, Jordan Winesette

- Primary Practice Tuesdays at Marvin/Weddington with Coach Campbell, Coach Gonzalez, Coach Flouhouse

Andrew Campbell, Andrew Gagis, Brian Gonzalez, Carson King, Nate King, Liam Kirby, Trevor Lan, Kyle Lan, Aaron Slep

- Coach Rimler

Thomas Davis, Nate Downey, Tyler Hendley, Nathan Rimler, Jake Sellers, Jacob Snyder, Branch Steadman, Ryan Sweet, Jacob Swimmer

- Coach Splitgerber

Shaan Bhojwani, Cole Christenson, Jack Doohan, Cole Pearce, Carson Pearce, Sebastian Ridgway, Manas Thuman, and 1 spot

- Coach Hudson

Ian Basora, Luke Barnes, Tyler Haan, Theo Karres, Dave Macy, Harrison Martin, Aaron Mulkey, Tyler Roakes, Will Sparks

- Coach Barbaryka

Luke Barbaryka, Jackson Catrone, Marshall Coley, Colton Curtis, Massie Flippin, Jake Hasner, Reeves Jones, Todd Lautenschlager

- Coach Bittler, Coach Thompson

Zach Bittler, Josh Kirsch, Evan MacIntyre, Griff Peterson, Josh Switzer, Jackson Thompson, plus 2 spots

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We value healthy, inspiring relationships between players, parents, coaches, and referees.