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If you are in need of a financial scholarship for a life-changing opportunity (educational, athletic, or community service opportunity) you can apply for a DYNAMIC Scholarship

Email to: . Send us your answers to these 5 questions below in the email.

Student Name, Grade, School, Parent Names, Home Address and Best Phone Number.
WHAT “event/opportunity” do you need a scholarship for?, HOW MUCH is the total tuition of the “event/opportunity” ($), Have you participated in this “event/opportunity” or a similar one in the past (If yes, explain)?
WHAT is your financial hardship? (example: family medical bills exceeding 3 months salary, single parent with financial hardship, student dealing with illness, injury, or some kind of situation requiring scholarship assistance): Can you PROVIDE evidence of your hardship before the scholarship process needs to be complete?
HOW have you demonstrated leadership, care, and/or service in the lives of other people?
Are you (and/or your student) willing to SERVE AS A VOLUNTEER before, during, and after the event to bring additional value to your scholarship?