DYNAMIC provides need-based scholarships locally all year-round and our Leadership College Scholarships at the end of each year.

If you are in need of a local programs scholarship for a crucial opportunity (educational or athletic/community service) you can apply to the DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund.

We are accepting DYNAMIC Leadership College Scholarship Applications in 2021 until May 5, 2021.

College Scholarship applicants can submit their resume and answers to the three leadership questions: or call Mike Stricker at 704-737-7631 for more information.

1) What has been the highlight of your service / leadership in your community/city over the past 2 years (and tell us who you have impacted)?

2) Who is a person that has inspired you as a leader and how has their inspiration affected your leadership?

3) What calling/goals/passion do you have in your life to be a life-changing leader during college and how would winning the DYNAMIC College Scholarship help you accomplish your mission?

To apply for the Programs Financial Aid scholarship send us the following info: Student Name, School & Grade, Parent Name & Best Phone Number.
WHAT “opportunity/event” do you need a scholarship for? HOW MUCH is the total tuition $ of the “opportunity/event.”
WHY do you need the financial aid programs scholarship at this time? (Please write or call to explain your current hardship. Example: family medical bills exceeding salary, single parent with children, student/family dealing with an illness or some kind of situation requiring major assistance).


Are you (and/or your student) willing to SERVE as a VOLUNTEER before, during, and/or after the opportunity/event?