Leadership U. Point Standings are kept on a master spreadsheet to reward students for skill development, commitment to their goals, and outstanding leadership accomplishments.

Below is the list of initiatives and opportunities to earn points. Contact our Lead U. Staff for any point credits that still need to be updated. Office@DynamicPS.net

The Leadership U. 2017 SKILLS Curriculum is based on the West Point Leadership Curriculum for Athletics and the Army Values.

Jason Stricker (RED Team) 150
Ryan Goldstein (RED Team) 150
Ethan Kersten (RED Team) 125
Gabe Glovaski (RED Team) 105
Lauren Calamas (PINK Team) 75
Sami Eberhard (PINK Team) 190
Helena Davis (PINK Team) 120
Mikayla Lincoln (PINK Team) 170
Holly Johnson (PINK Team) 205
John Fierick (WHITE Team) 95
Nick Peterson (WHITE Team) 90
Justin Morton (WHITE Team) 60
Tyler Swinehart (WHITE Team) 130
Luke Caplice (GREEN Team) 150
Seth Eighmy (GREEN Team) 75
Jackson Lewer (GREEN Team) 130
Logan Trimp (GREEN Team) 105
Sawyer Sams (GREEN Team) 105
Michael Parrino (ORANGE Team) 135
Matthew Helms (ORANGE Team) 125
Matthew Griffin (ORANGE Team) 150
Chase Eighmy (GOLD Team) 155
Myles Brown (GOLD Team) 100
Christian Peterson (GOLD Team) 90
Elijah John(GOLD Team) 135
Mason Scott(GOLD Team) 50
Collin Kersten (YELLOW Team) 115
Carter Cox (YELLOW Team) 105
Carson Burt (YELLOW Team) 35
Trevor Weldon (YELLOW Team) 125
Sam Edwards (BLUE Team) 105
Bryce Bilodeau (BLUE Team) 115
Max Brimigion (BLUE Team) 45
Ryan Johnson (BLUE Team) 140
Hunter Smith (SILVER Team) 135
Spencer Williams (SILVER Team) 160
Jake Williams (SILVER Team) 125
Michael Nowak (SILVER Team) 90
Harper Hendricks (TEAL Team) 95
Matthew Davis (TEAL Team) 70
Zach Gotro (TEAL Team) 40
Nate Crouse (BLACK Team) 135
Grant Sutherland (BLACK Team) 100
Eli Sweat (BLACK Team) 125
Bryce Swinehart (BLACK Team) 125