2017 DYNAMIC Big Events

*Sun. May 7 - Spring Regional Leadership Summit @ UNC-Charlotte (Complete)

*Mon. May 15 - DYNAMIC - Project 658 Golf Tournament 2017 @ Pine Lake Country Club (Complete)

*July 18 - 23 - DYNAMIC SuperTrip to West Point US Military Academy & New York City

*Aug. 4 - 6 - DYNAMIC Lead U. Trip to UNC/NCSt/Duke

*Sun. Oct. 22 - Fall Regional Leadership Summit @ UNC-Charlotte

*Sun. Dec. 10 - DYNAMIC Scholarship & Awards Banquet @ Project 658 Banquet Center

DYNAMIC has been impacting student-athletes in the Carolinas since 2003. Here are just a of the few highlights:

*In 2016, Lead U. directed Regional Leadership Summits in Charlotte for student-athletes selected by their Principals (10 students per school). The Summits were held at UNC-Charlotte and attended by over 550 select student-athletes.

*In 2016, Lead U. took a SuperTrip to The US Air Force Academy in Colorado. One of the best weeks ever!

*In 2016, Lead U. took our first trip to Auburn University in Alabama and had sideline recruiting passes for the big Arkansas - Auburn football game.

*In 2016, Lead U. hosted over 250 students (and their families) for our annual outreach event at Hornets Arena.

*In 2015, Lead U. started ongoing partnerships with Project 658 and Levine Children’s Hospital. We've visited kids in the hospital regularly and host "Hope Parties" at the hospital and engage in sports outreach in "at-risk" neighborhoods.

*In 2015, Lead U. took our first SuperTrip to The US. Naval Academy. The Lead U. students and our leaders spent five life-changing days in Annapolis, College Park, and Washington DC.

*In 2015, Lead U. hosted an additional 60 kids of inmate families from the Proverbs 226 inmates children ministry at our annual DYNAMIC MLK Outreach Day at Hornets Arena.

*In 2014, Lead U. took our first of many trips to Athens, GA to be inspired through U. of Georgia Football and get the full college experience. Starting Tight End, Jeb Blazevich (from Charlotte Christian) was our main host and made the Georgia weekend so memorable.

*In 2014, Lead U. raised thousands of dollars to build fresh-water wells to save lives in Liberia Africa (Since one of our Lead U. students was adopted as a youth from Liberia).

*In 2014, Lead U. student-athletes went on a road trip to Washington DC and then up to State College, PA for the Ohio State at Penn State Football Game in front of 110,000 fans (white-out). The Buckeyes won in double OT on the way to the National Championship and the trip was incredible in every way.

*In 2014, Lead U. student-athletes interviewed the Georgia Tech Football Captains (Quarterback and Strong Safety) at Bobby Dodd Stadium after the Spring Football Scrimmage at Georgia Tech.

*In 2013, Lead U. had our most memorable Ohio State visit. We had the opportunity to meet with Ohio State Head Football Head Coach, Urban Meyer and various team captains each year (including 2013 Team Captain, John Simon) inside the Ohio State Football facility.

*In 2013, Lead U. student-athletes & leaders planned and led the Marvin Ridge Leadership Symposium. Turner Schwartz and Daniel Smith spoke on stage with Coach Stricker in front of all their peers to engage the student body in leadership and making a difference.

*In 2013, Lead U. students started taking our visits to Coastal Carolina Univ. and the Beach each year. The Lakewood Beach Resort at Myrtle has been incredible during Spring Break and Summer trips.

*In 2013, Twenty-five Lead U. student-athletes served alongside the Hebert family in a construction project to revitalize the Hebert Karate Dojo in High Point, NC.

*In 2013, Brandon Strupp, Charlotte 49ers starting punter, hosted 6 Lead U. guys on campus for the weekend of UNC-Charlotte’s first Spring Football game. The UNC-Charlotte recruiting visit was awesome and Brandon was the starting Punter and had a great game in Charlotte’s first football game in 2013.

*In 2013, Lead U. took our first of many 3 day campus trips with student-athletes to visit UNC, Duke, and NC State (including memorable experiences in Coach K’s office in Cameron Indoor Stadium, NC State’s Weight Room during a football workout, UNC’s Dean Dome and Keenan stadium tours during summer camps.

*In 2013, Lead U. students went behind the scenes and into the locker room during pre-game with UNC-Charlotte Head Basketball, Coach Alan Major before the Charlotte 49ers basketball overtime win against Georgia Tech.

*In 2012, Lead U. students spent an outstanding weekend with Appalachian State Football Team (particularly the linebackers and special teams specialists) in the football facility during App. State Spring practice.

*In 2011, Lead U. took our first Lead U. campus trips to Liberty University, Clemson University, and Ohio State University to impact and inspire Lead U. students.

*Jeremy Boone has been speaking at Lead U. each year since Jan. 2012, when he gave an inspiring Leadership U. Kickoff message for all the new Lead U. student-athletes and their parents.