TopGun Winter Basketball 2021-2022 Player of the Game Awards

2021-2022 DYNAMIC TopGun Play of the Game Awards

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2021-2022 DYNAMIC TopGun Chick-FIl-A Players of the Game

*Winning Team listed first

BOBCATS W (Kenton Gargus) - ARBORBROOK LIBERTY L (Levi Timberlake)

Ohio State Buckeyes W (Cooper Bednar) - Syracuse Orange L (Soren Knudson)

JAZZ W (Sam Koskinas) - BULLS L (Jack Nicolette)

Arizona W (Colton Goldy) - Central Florida L (Cooper Lunsford)

SUNS W (Tyler Roakes) - TRAILBLAZERS L (Palmer Stephenson)

BOBCATS W (J.T. Etheridge) - HORNETS L (Chase McElvoy)

North Carolina Tarheels W (Sam Svonovec) - Clemson L (Jonah Barnes)

MAGIC W (Aiden Mahoney) - BOBCATS L (Logan Tomalas)

Houston Cougars W (Brady Kerr) - Central Florida Knights L (Tee Gatewood)

Ohio State Buckeyes W (Evan Vassil / Chase Knox) - Michigan Wolverines L (Landon Mikels)

Coastal Carolina Chants W (Carter Williams) - Tennessee Vols L (Charlie Ball)

LAKERS W (Jackson Moore) - CLIPPERS L (Noah Eisman)

Gonzaga Bulldogs W (Trevor Snyder) - Syracuse Orange L (Franco Simonelli)

MAGIC W (Branden Walsh) - SUNS L (Kaden Range)

Houston Cougars W (Brady Kerr) - Arizona Wildcats L (Eli Spence)

Houston Cougars W (Branden Walsh) - Gonzaga Bulldogs L (Cooper Hatley)

North Carolina Tarheels W (Jackson McNees) - South Carolina Gamecocks L (Jack Gruendel)

South Carolina Gamecocks W (Noah Fikkert) - Clemson Tigers L (Wellsman Johnson)

MAGIC W (Marco Bratic) - SUNS L (Luke Barnes)


MAGIC W (Marco Bratic) - SUNS L (Luke Barnes)

Coastal Carolina W () - Tennessee L ()


Ohio State W () - Tennessee L ()


Michigan W () - Coastal Carolina L ()

JAZZ W () - South Carolina Gamecocks L ()

Ohio State Buckeyes W () - Michigan Wolves L ()


Arizona Wildcats W () - Houston Cougars L ()


Syracuse Orange W () - Central Florida L ()

Houston Cougars W () - Gonzaga Bulldogs L ()


Houston Cougars W () - SUNS L ()



Gonzaga Bulldogs W () - Central Florida Knights L ()

SUNS W () - BULLS L ()

Clemson Tigers W (Jonah Barnes/Eli Spence) - Arizona Wildcats L (Tyler Blessing/Jake Robbins)

JAZZ W (Ved Pandoria) - North Carolina Tarheels L (Cooper Meek)

2020 DYNAMIC TopGun Winter League Playoffs

2020 SILVER Pre-MS Division Championship:

Championship - Clemson wins the Silver Div. in a fantastic game over Seton Hall! Jack Rice, Harrison Akers and Hines Akers led the Tigers in scoring in the big game.

2020 RED MS Division Champions:

Army-West Point takes the Championship over North Carolina. Army was led by Matty Carroll on the perimeter and Hayden Talmadge on the inside. Army was super impressive all season and wins their 1st DYNAMIC Championship.

2020 WHITE MS Division Champions:

UCLA and Syracuse played a classic game down to the final shot. UCLA led by as many as 13 in the game but JT Etheridge led Syracuse back to within two points in the final seconds. Etheridge had a final 3 point shot from the corner at the buzzer that rimmed around but didn't do in for the win and UCLA held on for their first DYNAMIC TopGun Championship. Luke St.John hit several huge 3s for UCLA and earned MVP honors, but it was a team effort all night for UCLA.

2020 HS BRONZE Division Champions:

The KNICKS continued their winning streak and beat the MAVS in a great game that saw both teams lead by as many as 7 points. The KNICKS were led in scoring by Brian Gonzalez and Andrew Campbell.

2020 HS SILVER Division Champions:

The Carmel SUNS knocked off the DYNAMIC CLIPPERS in a fiercely competitive game. The SUNS came out smoking hot behind Tyler Roakes MVP winning 28 points and half of those points were in the 1st quarter. The CLIPPERS battled back with Cole Dilliard, Drew Tenzer and Brock Mumpower leading the way but in the end the SUNS pulled away late in the fourth quarter to seal their 2nd DYNAMIC TopGun Championship.

2020 HS GOLD Division Playoffs:

The HAWKS played the game of the year and upset the MAGIC by 2 points in a thrilling Game. Tyler Hendley (HAWKS Power Forward) won MVP with his last second jump shot breaking the tie and giving the HAWKS their 3rd Championship in the last 4 years. The MAGIC were the top team in the league all year (undefeated going into the Championship Game) and they have an outstanding group of 9 All-Star players, but the HAWKS rose up in an outstanding Championship Game to knock off the MAGIC in the finals seconds of the game of the year!

Chick-FIl-A Players of the Game - DYNAMIC TopGun 2020

*Winning Team listed first

Cornell (Sean Leddy) - Oregon (Gerrien Floyd)

Ohio State (Cooper Meek) - Texas (Hampton Tolbert)

North Carolina (George Ormond) - Texas (Ford Fehling)

CLIPPERS (Cole Dilliard) - RAPTORS (Cole Pearce)

HAWKS (Nate Downey) - HEAT (Cole Delissio)

MAVS (Drew Garrett) - KNICKS (Andrew Campbell)

SUNS (Ian Basora) - BOBCATS (Will Tessin)

MAGIC (Colton Curtis) - RAPTORS (Jack Doohan)

UCLA (Bennett Holder) - PACERS (Luke Ball)

Army-West Point (Matty Carroll) - South Carolina (Gabe deBuhr)

BLAZERS (Bo Witherspoon) - CELTICS (Christian Belus)

Oregon (Charlie Ball) - Seton Hall (Cooper Bednar)

Syracuse (Brody Keefe) - South Florida (Lee Walker)

Kentucky (Garrett Snyder) - Charlotte (James Yanz)

Davidson (Wes Ward) - Cornell (Matthew Hall)

Seton Hall (Kaleb Johnson) - Fresno St. (Henry McClave)

Syracuse (Quin Pelino) - Michigan St. (Mads Haaber)

Clemson (Jack Rice) - Fresno St. (Caleb Coffey)

LAKERS (Lucas Atkins) - PACERS (Jack Fahy)

South Carolina (Jack Gruendel) - Davidson (Zeb Engstrom)

Rutgers (Brady Sepanski) - Fresno State (Eli Spence)

Ohio State (Cameron Hodes) - Oregon (Ayden Mark)

North Carolina (Vince Miller) - Cornell (Matthew O'Dell)

UCLA (Ryan Speicher) - Michigan St. (Haydn Toth)

CLIPPERS (Drew Parker) - LAKERS (Cooper McLemore)

Kentucky (Matthew Davis) - South Florida (Lee Walker)

Clemson (Ethan Rand) - Seton Hall (Mason Hanham)

CLIPPERS (Ben Mauth) - RAPTORS (Cole Christenson)

HEAT (Will Crawford) - WARRIORS (Evan MacIntyre)

Army-West Point (Jaxson Haynes) - North Carolina (Tucker Wingard)

MAGIC (Marshall Coley) - SUNS (Tyler Roakes)

TRAILBLAZERS (Bo Witherspoon) - PACERS (Jack Fahy)

TRAILBLAZERS (Evan Caldwell) - LAKERS (Dominic Paterno)

Syracuse (Luca Duleba) - Charlotte (Seton Garcia)

UCLA (Evan Walker) - Syracuse (Bishop Kha)

MAVS (Isaiah Wegh) - RAPTORS (Carson Pearce)

Michigan State (Gavin Adams) - South Florida (Sam Koskinas)

HAWKS (Tyler Hendley) - CELTICS (Shaan Patel)

MAGIC (Massie Flippin) - HEAT (Will Celio)

BOBCATS (Anthony Piccirillo) - KNICKS (Brian Gonzalez)

Texas (Andrew Barber) - Cornell (Tyler Babcock)

CELTICS (Aiden Early) - BOBCATS (Cody Merrill)

LAKERS (Harrison Barnett) - RAPTORS (Sebastian Ridgway)

Clemson (Tyler Pease) - Oregon (Ayden Mark)

BOBCATS (Ethan Robitaille) - TRAILBLAZERS (Billy Wilkes)

Clemson (Hines Akers) - Seton Hall (Dylan Glawe)

Oregon (Gerrien Floyd) - Fresno State (Grace McHale)

CLIPPERS (Adam Holden) - PACERS (Caleb Voskuil)

Davidson (Zeb Engstrom) - Texas (Austin Robbins)

South Carolina (Bennett Jordan) - Cornell (Andrew Barber)

Army-West Point (Hayden Talmadge) - Ohio State (Jack McFee)

Charlotte (Nate Tenzer) - South Florida (Jack Baade)

CLIPPERS (Duncan Smyth) - MAVS (Peyton young)

Davidson (Noah Haas) - North Carolina (Tillman Shoenenberger)

Seton Hall (Colton Williams) - Rutgers (Luke Xythalis)

Army-West Point (Will Parrish) - Liberty (Jake Robbins)

MAGIC (Colton Curtis) - JAZZ (Ethan Robitaille)

Michigan St. (Caleb Milligan) - Syracuse (Kenny Smith)

Rutgers (Soren Knutson) - Fresno State (Silas Fikkert)

South Carolina (Grant Byrum) - North Carolina (Nolan Drye)

Ucla (Chase Raskin) - Kentucky (Garrett Snyder)

HEAT (Eric Meeks) - CELTICS (Marco Vaca)

TRAILBLAZERS (Noah Jones) - MAVS (Cole Christenson)

HAWKS (Nate Downey) - LAKERS (Cooper McLemore)

Rutgers (Lucas Bregman) - Seton Hall (Evan Vassil)

Cornell (Tino Delissio) - Oregon (Tyler Surles)

PACERS (Riley Burke) - MAVS (Peyton Young)

Ucla (Bennett Holder) - Charlotte (Brady Knutson)

HEAT (Connor Touranjo) - SUNS (Harrison Martin)

KNICKS (Kyle Dobos) - UCLA (Luke St. John)

WARRIORS (Evan MacIntyre) - LAKERS (Jackson Moore)

LAKERS (Ethan Kowalski) - BOBCATS (Anthony Piccirrillo)

South Carolina (Grant Byrum) - Ohio State (Asher Suttle)

Kentucky (Kenton Gargus) - South Florida (Ben David Wright)

Charlotte (Luke Colwell) - Michigan St. (Owen Green)

MAGIC (Massie Flippin) - CELTICS (Christian Belus)

Ohio State (Anthony Fuller) - Davidson (Colton Goldy)

ARMY-West Point (Witt McCammon) - Texas (Ford Fehling)

Kentucky (Charles Miller) - Syracuse (Michael Keller)

CovDay MS B - North Carolina (Vince Miller)

CovDay MS A (Wisdom) - UCLA (Joe Walker) - Overtime

Oregon (Ayden Mark) - Clemson (Heinz Akers)

MAGIC (Todd Laughtenschlauger) - BLAZERS (Bo Witherspoon)

CELTICS (Brooks Johnson) - WARRIORS (Evan MacIntyre)

Seton Hall (Mason Hanham) - Fresno State (Jacob Coffey)

Michigan State (Hudson Shoup) - Kentucky (Michael Gross)

Army-WestPoint (Matty Carroll) - Davidson (Noah Fikkert)

Cornell (Will Reiland) - Ohio State (Cooper Meek)

South Carolina (Thomas Gaddy) - Texas (Andrew Barber)

LAKERS (Lucas Atkins) - HEAT (Will Crawford) - Overtime

Kentucky (Charles Miller) - Charlotte (Nate Tenzer)

HAWKS (Branch Steadman) - CLIPPERS (Cole Dilliard)

RAPTORS (Sebastian Ridgway) - KNICKS (Kyle Dobos) - Overtime

Ucla (Ryan Speicher) - Syracuse (Brody Keefe) - Overtime

Clemson (Harrison Akers) - Rutgers (Garrett Young)

Fresno State (Silas Fikkert) - Oregon (Charlie Ball) - Overtime

SUNS (Ian Basora) - BOBCATS (Will Tessin) - Overtime

JAZZ (Ethan Kowalski) - MAGIC (Marshall Coley) - Overtime

Kentucky (Braden Houlihan) - South Florida (Lee Walker)

Ucla (Chase McEvoy) - Michigan St (Spencer Powell) - Overtime

Seton Hall (Colton Williams) - Rutgers (Lucas Bregman) - Overtime

BOBCATS (Anthony Piccirello) - MAVS (Brady Beddingfield)

Syracuse (Bishop Kha) - South Florida (Jack Baade)

Charlotte (Harden Hyde) - Cov Day MS Team

SUNS (Tyler Roakes) - CELTICS (Aiden Early) - Overtime

PACERS (Garrett Dean) - RAPTORS (Cole Christenson)

Davidson (Zach Stuebbe) - Oregon (Ayden Mark)

WARRIORS (Zach Bittler) - CLIPPERS (Ben Mauth)

Ohio State (Tyler Blessing) - Texas (Bryce Rozema)

SUNS (Ian Basora) - WARRIORS (Jackson Thompson)

Charlotte (Luke Colwell) - South Florida (BenDavid Wright)

BLAZERS (Adam Clune) - LAKERS (Harrison Barnett)

MAGIC (Marshall Coley) - HAWKS (TBA)

Army (Hayden Talmadge) - Liberty All-Stars (Lee Walker) - Overtime


South Carolina (Grant Byrum) - North Carolina (Caiden Thomas)

Cornell (Brady Murray) - South Carolina (Michael McHale)

SUNS (Luke Barnes) - HEAT (Jordan Winesette)

PACERS (Jaron Wenger) - KNICKS (Aaron Slep)

South Florida Bulls (Mace Kern/BenDavid Wright) - CovDay B (TBA)



Army-West Point (Matty Carroll) - Cornell (TBA)

South Carolina (TBA) - Davidson (TBA)

Texas (Austin Robbins) - Oregon (James Ball)

North Carolina (Ethan Williams) - Texas (Hampton Tolbert)

Ucla (Bennett Holder) - South Florida (Jack Greene)

Clemson (Franco Simonelli) - Fresno State (Jacob Coffey)

Seton Hall (Colton Williams) - Rutgers (Ben Wilt)

Michigan State (Hudson Shoup) - Charlotte (Seton Garcia)

Army-West Point (Matty Carroll) - South Carolina (Bennett Jordan)

North Carolina (Ryan Castano) - Ohio State (Tyler Blessing)

Congrats to the 2019-2020 DYNAMIC TopGun Winter League CHAMPIONS:

Red (5th Grade) Division: North Carolina Tarheels (Robbins); White (MS Younger) Division: Idaho State Bengals (DZ/Strick); Blue (MS Older) Division: Syracuse Orange (Keller/Pelino); HS Division: Carmel SUNS (Hudson)

Congrats to the 2018-2019 DYNAMIC TopGun Winter League CHAMPIONS:

Red (5th Grade) Division: Wake Forest Deacons (Eich); White (MS Younger) Division: Syracuse Orange (Keller/Pelino); Blue (MS Older) Division: Indiana Hoosiers (Burke); HS Underclassman Division: HAWKS (Rimler/Hendley); HS Upperclassman Division: BULLS (James/Gallimore)

Congrats to the 2017-2018 DYNAMIC TopGun Winter League CHAMPIONS:

Red (5th/6th Grade) Division: Syracuse Orange (Keller/Pelino); White (7th Grade): Indiana Hoosiers (Burke); Blue (8th Grade) Division: Latin Hawks (Rimler/Hendley); HS Underclassman Division: WARRIORS (Calamas); HS Upperclassman Division: BULLS (James/Gallimore)

Congrats to the 2016-2017 DYNAMIC TopGun Winter League CHAMPIONS:

Red (5th/6th Grade) Division: Kansas Jayhawks (Johnson); White (6th/7th Grade): NC State Wolfpack (Brooks); Blue (7th/8th Grade) Division: THE Ohio State Buckeyes (Valentine/Strick); Green (8th/9th Grade) Division: Charlotte 49ers (Mark Smith/Josh McCown); HS Underclassman Division: LAKERS (Makarewicz/Molnar); HS Upperclassman Division: BUCS (Gonzalez/Strick)

*DYNAMIC has Basketball League Champions going back over 10 years, but we list the previous 4 years of Champions