DYNAMIC TopGun Basketball Club Teams

9th Grade TopGun Club Team

#2 Parker Brooks

#30 Nate Calamas

#6 Tim Clanton

#33 Noah Cyrus

#0 Lloyd Glenn

#3 Jack Graham

#11 Eric Jackson

#5 Christian Peterson

#14 Nick Willson

Coach Pete Calamas, Coach Dan Zeidman


8th Grade TopGun Team

#18 Austin Blake

#2 Hudson Collins

#44 Mason Cyrus

#88 Seth Eighmy

#5 Nathan Garcia

#23 Luke Gullickson

#7 Jack Potier

#22 *Luke Metzler

#24 *Tachai Miller

* = Alternate

Coach Carlos Thomas, Coach Mike Stricker

TopGun players receive excellent professional coaching and mentoring
TopGun players train in healthy, competitive environment with a focus on growth and leadership
TopGun players practice at a high-level for skill development and game prep
TopGun players go through Speed/Strength/Endurance Training 2X each week
TopGun players have access to specialized pro skill sessions
AAU & USBA & NTBA Tournament schedules for competition and growth
TopGun schedule kept family-friendly and local to avoid costly hotel stays and extra travel expenses

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