CHICK-FIL-A Players of the Month

Congrats to the CHICK-FIL-A PLAYERS of the MONTH - February

February - HS Division:

Isaac James (BULLS) and Tim Clanton (HORNETS)

February - Blue Division:

Killian Fahy (Indiana) and Jackson Moore (Ohio State)

February - White Division:

J.T. Etheridge (Syracuse) and Adin Bregman (Maryland)

February - Red Division:

Jack Gruendel (Clemson) and Cooper Meek (Virginia)

January - HS Division:

James Shipley (OKC THUNDER) and Griff Peterson (WARRIORS) and Carson Harris (BUCKS)

January - Blue Division:

Will Lassiter (Indiana) and Abram Suttle (Tennessee) and Joe Banchik (Ohio State)

January - White Division:

Ryan Speicher (Maryland) and Simon Garrett (Purdue) and Emerson Gallimore (South Florida)

January - Red Division:

Jet Milani (Florida State) and Tino Delissio (North Carolina) and Ronan Fahy (Virginia)

December - HS Division:

Saad Kahn (CELTICS) and Tamar Tillman (ROCKETS)

December - Blue Division:

Killian Fahy (Indiana) and Winston Ferguson (Ohio State)

December - White Division:

Michael Keller (Syracuse) and Holt Latta (NC State)

December - Red Division:

Zeb Engstrom (Clemson) and Brady Murray (Virginia)

2019 TopGun Team Champions

BULLS (Coach James/Gallimore) HS Gold Div. CHAMPIONS

HAWKS (Coach Rimler) - HS Silver Div.CHAMPIONS

INDIANA HOOSIERS (Coach Burke) - Blue Div. (8th Grade & Under) CHAMPIONS

SYRACUSE ORANGE (Coach Pelino/Keller/Etheridge) - White Div. (6th Grade & Under) CHAMPIONS

WAKE FOREST DECONS (Coach Kirsch/Eich) - Red Div. (5th Grade & Under) CHAMPIONS