3's for HAITI Events

3's for HAITI Event

Sun. Aug. 25 (2:30pm at Stricker's House) - Fantasy Football Father-Son League for Haiti Draft

Do you want to own an NFL team and compete for a Super Bowl Championship? The DYNAMIC Leadership Fantasy Football League is a Father-Son League that plays to save lives in our city and around the world every year. This year we are playing for Mission of Hope - Haiti. Join us on Aug. 25 to draft your team. For more info contact Coach Stricker - Mike@DynamicPS.net

Thanks to all the Basketball 3 Point Shooters and Football FG Kickers who helped raise money to save lives in Haiti during July and August at our 3's For Haiti Events!

*You can reserve your spot on our team to go with us on our next outreach trip to Haiti - April 11-18, 2020 (Spring Break!!)

*ALL 3's for Haiti pledges/donations collected go 100% toward outreach in Haiti ($0 admin fees and 0% taken as fees for outside organizations running fundraisers).

Recap - July 16, 2019 - 3's for Hait Event

DYNAMIC Football FG Kickers raised over $1000 in pledges/donations to go directly to Haiti outreach (through Mission of Hope-HAITI). Jack Norman went 10/10 on FGs from 20-38 yards at Ardrey Kell HS Stadium and Jack raised the most (over $200) resources for Haiti at the July 16 Event.

DYNAMIC Basketball Players shot 50 3-point shots (and also shot 30 free throws) in one hour at MZ Gym to raise over $600 for Haiti on July 16. Zach Stuebbe personally raised over $200 in pledges/donations and Zach shot 50% on his free throws and a strong 40% on 3-pointers. Dylan Brown made 30/50 3-pointers (60%) as the top shooter in the event.

Recap - Aug. 8, 2019 - 3's for Hait Event

Fifteen DYNAMIC Basketball Players shot 50 three-pointers to raise resources for our outreach in Haiti. Brock Mumpower set a new record by making 32/50 three point jump shots. Brock also raised over $150 in pledges/donations toward saving lives in Haiti. Conner Florence made 27/50 three point jump shots for the 2nd best shooting percentage of the day. Jack Gruendel at 22/50 was 3rd best. Thanks to all the players who raised funds and shot 3's For Haiti!