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Welcome to DYNAMIC   /   Your LIFE-CHANGING sports community in Charlotte

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<strong>SPRING 2017 BASKETBALL ACADEMY</strong>


The TopGun Basketball Academy is for competitive basketball players in high school & middle school!  TopGun Basketball Academy Teams practice 2 hours each week and play games on Thursdays all through the Spring (Feb.-May).  Academy teams also play in Saturday Tournaments on April 1 and May 13.   TopGun 2017 Basketball  

<strong>LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY 2017</strong>


Leadership U. student-athletes inspire, influence, and impact their teams, schools, families, and community!  Leadership U. starts Sun. January 22 with "Signing Day."  Contact Coach Stricker for details or to nominate a deserving student-athlete.  Go to Leadership University Website


 DYNAMIC is forming Travel Club Basketball Teams for 8th Grade & for 9th Grade.  Travel Club Basketball is for very competitive players who are committed to practicing 3 times per week and playing in weekend tournaments.   Go to Basketball Details
<strong>FOOTBALL TRAINING & CAMPS</strong>


DYNAMIC is focused on equipping Quarterbacks, Kickers/Punters, and all football athletes who want to reach their God-given potential on & off the field.  Our pro coaches have played at the highest levels and are ready to invest in you all year round.  Go to DYNAMIC Camps   
DYNAMIC is so excited to partner with Mission of Hope-HAITI for our mission trip to impact the people in Port Au Prince and across the region from April 8 - 15, 2017.  We know lives will be touched in Haiti and so will the lives of our students who invest this incredible week in HAITI.  Life is short - GO!
Dan Zeidman
Charlotte, NC
DYNAMIC is second to none for families like ours who appreciate competitive sports, excellence in the details, and leading with Christian values to develop strong character in our young men. We tell everyone about DYNAMIC! DYNAMIC is influencing so many student-athletes in our community and we see the difference.
5 year veteran DYNAMIC family
Charlotte, NC
We drive over an hour each way to attend DYNAMIC training sessions in Charlotte, because we appreciate the professional coaching, leadership emphasis, and excellence in the details on and off the field.  We are proud to train with DYNAMIC year round!
Greensboro, NC
DYNAMIC Leadership U. is impacting students all over the city every day.  We trust our sons with you and your leaders because we know you are guiding them to make good decisions.
Waxhaw, NC